Fukuball ObeObeKo Playlist

Radiohead - Lift
七尾旅人 "湘南が遠くなっていく" (Official Music Video)
FKJ - Monday Jam
Break Free - Taryn Southern (Official Music Video)
LUCKY TAPES - Gravity(Official Music Video)
車輪埔(HF) / 新寶島康樂隊
隨性 Random 《想你點煙》Official Music Video
Queen - Under Pressure (Official Video)
Mary See the Future - Close to You (Cover) /// 2012 Music Session
Vooid 「新月」 (Audio)
WoodyWoody - 快樂練習曲 Melody of Happiness
旺福 - 有星星的晚上
[MV] 검정치마(The Black Skirts) - 'EVERYTHING'
Fazerdaze - Shoulders
在東京街頭上使10萬人止步聆聽的感人歌曲!! USAGI『Imagine』
Presidents Of The USA - Video Killed The Radio Star (Buggles)(1998) HQ 0815007
HONNE - Me & You ◑
Mary See the Future - July (Single Special Version)
Frandé 法蘭黛樂團《該死的冷戰》Feat. 李英宏 aka DJ Didilong Official Music Video
五月天 Mayday【愛情的模樣 This is love】Official Music Video
Drop's「こわして」Studio Session
【韓繁中字】Giriboy (기리보이) _ 술자리 (酒席)
Capital Cities - Kangaroo Court (Official)
deca joins - 一去不回來
Sam Ock - Every Moment
[MV] hyukoh(혁오) _ Comes And Goes(와리가리)
Incubus - Drive
Gym and Swim - Sunrise (Official Audio)
馬念先 Ma Nian-Xian【當你說愛我的那一天】Official Music Video
旺福 Won Fu《我當你空氣 You Are My Air》 Official Music Video
【歌詞付】ひまわりの約束(向日葵的約定)ドラえもん stand by me 主題歌【中日字幕】
ostooandell / Bakyun the everyday [PV]
TuT-Send Me
boy pablo - sick feeling (official video)
巴士底之日(Changlish Version)︱回聲樂團
Phum Viphurit - Long Gone [Official Video]
サカナクション - ユリイカ (MUSIC VIDEO)
スキマスイッチ / 全力少年
MADEIRA - "Manipulator" (official music video)
[M/V] 검정치마 (The Black Skirts) - International Love Song
a-ha - Take On Me (Official Video)
FLUX - 星象說 《多元觀點》PLURALISM
渣泥ZANI -【半心】Official Music Video
O.WHEN (오왠) - 오늘 (Today) MV
【顏社】李英宏 aka DJ Didilong - 慢慢阿流 (Official Music Video)
流氓阿德2014最新力作_ 無路用的咖小 Lyric MV
巨大的轟鳴 Gigantic Roar-登鸛雀樓【Official Music Video】Climbing Up the Birdy Tower
Peter Bjorn And John - Young Folks
Jakob Ogawa - Let It Pass | A COLORS SHOW
隨性 RANDOM - 心內的歌
Kimbra - "Two Way Street" (Live at Sing Sing Studios)
FLUX - 宅男的戀愛日常 ft. J-Ro 蕭百岳 (Official Video)
Mary See the Future 先知瑪莉|星夜裡的人 The Loner(Official Video)
董事長樂團 愛我你會死 - Fatal Love
tofubeats - WHAT YOU GOT (視聴動画)
美秀集團 Amazing Show-米兒 Mia【Official Music Video】 feat.鄭小韻
DSPS - 我會不會又睡到下午了
隨性 Random 《謝謝你的愛2016》Official Lyrics Video
狩りから稲作へ / レキシ (歌詞あり)
Dragon Ball OST CD1 - Romantic Ageru Yo
The Depreciation Guild - Dream About Me
Lovewave - 그 밤 (The Night)
The 1975 - Sex [EP Version]
茄子蛋EggPlantEgg - 浪子回頭 Back Here Again (Official Music Video)
Sego - Wicket Youth (Official Video)
The fin. - Through The Deep
非人物種 - 擺渡人 PV / Inhuman band - Boat man
Kero One - Shortcuts ft. Sam Ock (Official Music Video)
Peach Pit - Seventeen (Official)
I Just Fall In Love Again - Susan Wong
透明雜誌 - 萬華的宇宙
Sam Gouthro - Down For This
雀斑樂團 Freckles 不標準情人 Imperfect Lover ft.Leo王 Music Video
검정치마(The Black Skirts) - Dientes [ESPAÑOL]
Coldplay - Adventure Of A Lifetime (Official Video)
Paul McCartney - Till There Was You
Azure Ray - Sleep
隨性 Random 《喝醉了》Official Music Video
The Depreciation Guild - Dream About Me
Incubus - Summer Romance Antigravity Love Song (Acoustic)
Fazerdaze - Little Uneasy (Live Session) // DIFFUS Magazin
Maria Takeuchi 竹内 まりや Plastic Love
非人物種 - 異鄉 PV / Inhuman band - Not My Home
Sun Rai - San Francisco Street
渣泥ZANI -【可是】Official Music Video
MADEIRA - "Come On Thru" (audio only)
緊褲襠 (Tight Tight Crotch) - 雨 (Rain)
:::首播:::旺福Won Fu [愛你一兆年 Love One Trillion Years] MV官方完整版
Youngho Jung(정영호) - 01. 처음 그 설렘 처럼 - Fingerstyle Guitar
孔雀眼 JADE EYES【大夢初醒】歌詞 MV
zebrahead jag off
Quruli - Kiseki (Live)
Coldplay - Yellow
CHVRCHES - The Mother We Share (Live on KEXP)